New sewing machine

How lucky am I to have a new (to me) Simger machine. It has been hanging around unused at OH’s parents house and originally belonged to his grandma.

It was difficult at first. There was no manual, and the machine, while sewing, was bird-nesting underneath the fabric. Googling told me there was issues with tension.

My experience with mum’s Janome as a kid is… Sewing machines just go! There were never issues with tension and the machine had little notes on how to thread the machine. This Singer – nothing!

I started Googling images of Singers. There are some lovely antique ones on show. I eventually found one that looked similar to mine that had a manual available. And OH took over to thread the machine (I did the bobbin and the needle!) and we did yet another test piece. Success!

The tension is interesting. The straight stitch seems to require a different tension to a zigzag. I really don’t have much material to play with, but after scrummaging around the house, I realised I could use my old work uniform. Does feel weird to cut up a perfectly good shirt.


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