Worm farm take 2

As you can remember, I couldn’t bring myself to pay the whopping $60 for compost worms. After looking at the Simple Living forums, I got the idea of bartering for the goods you want.

I have been following a Barossa Valley Facebook group with interest for some time now – a produce group who swap, sell, etc. Then I put my first post up:

“I’m looking for some composting worms to start a worm farm. I started off with normal earthworms but found out they’re not quite the right type. I have just started my garden, so I don’t have anything to swap with. I’m happy to pay around $10 if anyone has any spare?”

I was surprised to get a reply just half an hour later. A lovely Barossan lady has plenty of worms for me and I’m going to pick them up tomorrow! And so generous too – she even offered the worms to me free of charge. Can’t wait for work to finish tomorrow. Totally cool bananas 🙂


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