New sewing machine

How lucky am I to have a new (to me) Simger machine. It has been hanging around unused at OH’s parents house and originally belonged to his grandma.

It was difficult at first. There was no manual, and the machine, while sewing, was bird-nesting underneath the fabric. Googling told me there was issues with tension.

My experience with mum’s Janome as a kid is… Sewing machines just go! There were never issues with tension and the machine had little notes on how to thread the machine. This Singer – nothing!

I started Googling images of Singers. There are some lovely antique ones on show. I eventually found one that looked similar to mine that had a manual available. And OH took over to thread the machine (I did the bobbin and the needle!) and we did yet another test piece. Success!

The tension is interesting. The straight stitch seems to require a different tension to a zigzag. I really don’t have much material to play with, but after scrummaging around the house, I realised I could use my old work uniform. Does feel weird to cut up a perfectly good shirt.


Worm farm take 2

As you can remember, I couldn’t bring myself to pay the whopping $60 for compost worms. After looking at the Simple Living forums, I got the idea of bartering for the goods you want.

I have been following a Barossa Valley Facebook group with interest for some time now – a produce group who swap, sell, etc. Then I put my first post up:

“I’m looking for some composting worms to start a worm farm. I started off with normal earthworms but found out they’re not quite the right type. I have just started my garden, so I don’t have anything to swap with. I’m happy to pay around $10 if anyone has any spare?”

I was surprised to get a reply just half an hour later. A lovely Barossan lady has plenty of worms for me and I’m going to pick them up tomorrow! And so generous too – she even offered the worms to me free of charge. Can’t wait for work to finish tomorrow. Totally cool bananas 🙂



Success! Based on Rhonda’s recipe, I used Mount Pleasant pork sausages mixed with carrot and celery with Pampa’s puff pastry.

I’ve cooked enough for 3 lunches for OH and I. We find lunches one of the most difficult to prepare for. For the quantity we made, time taken (an hour or so including baking time) and its quality and taste, it is very economical.


First time sausage rolls


Living in a town block

It’s small, and the garden is next to non-existent. It’s a pity really, as we don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, seeing as purchasing a block to build on is more of a monetary priority.

We’ve given in a bit and planted a few natives bought from the Williamstown landcare group last year. They were so cheap – must’ve been $2 or so for each little plantling. What an excellent idea too, getting people to plant local natives in their gardens.

Most of what we have in the garden is in pots, as the current owners appreciated a more low-maintenance backyard, covering all with plastic and then bark chips. I can’t complain too much though, as a non-gardener for all but last week, I haven’t had to tend to or weed anything!