Starting slowly

I have read through all of Quarter of an Acre and Little Eco Footprints blogs.

Why? Like a lot of people, I’m trying all I can to learn about living more self sufficiently.

I set a very few small tasks for myself today. First was to make a worm farm, and second to plant a couple of things.

Off to the garden centre we went. Unfortunately they were out of worms (and also playing some unfortunate music). We got a small coriander plant, potting mix and Seasol and got the hell out of there!

I was running around like a mad woman at home (all for the fun!), finding boxes for my worm farm.
Honestly, I haven’t had much to do with our garden. OH had started off the compost heap, so I used that and found some newspaper lying around. We didn’t quite have the 1000 worms, but OH and I digged around the heap to find around 40. I’m looking forward to adding to this with our kitchen scraps.

I also managed to plant the coriander in a spare pot and put a few rocket seeds in another foam box.

The coriander looks a bit flat and we’ll have to wait 10-14 days for the rocket, so fingers crossed!


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