Day 4

Rocket seeds have started to come up. Can you see them?! It’s only Day 4!

The worm farm has gone back on the compost heap 😦 Unfortunately, I didn’t realise you couldn’t use plain earthworms. A trip to the garden centre, but I couldn’t bring myself to pay $60 for different worms.

Coriander still looking flat

Coriander still looking flat

I planted in some lettuce today. There are a couple different varieties here that I’m hoping to be able to use for lunch at work.

Lettuce 1

Lettuce 1

Lettuce 2

Lettuce 2

OH and I picked a few oranges from the in-laws’ overflowing tree. Currently on the stove making marmalade for the first time! Memories of marmalade as a child aren’t that positive, so I’m hoping the homemade type will be much more yummy.


A large block in a secluded, quiet, natural spot. Keeping chickens, perhaps breeding rabbits, beehives. Veggies, herbs, fruit trees. Passive house, puppies, no financial stress. Self-reliability, happiness, purpose.

And my OH by my side.

It may not all come true, but a girl can dream.

Garden, Home

I dream of…


Just me

I am not what you would call a fashionista, quite the opposite, actually. Compared to the girls I work with, who pamper themselves with makeup and pretty hair, I literally jump out of bed, make brekkie, splash my face with water, brush my teeth and run to the car (it’s cold at the moment!) with a finishing touch of a clip to hold my fringe back.

With no red lights on the way to work, I put my hair up quickly in the car park, unless I’m (un)lucky enough to hit roadworks along the way. A smear of Lucas Papaw on the lips and I’m ready for work!

Am I the only one who prepares for their day like this? I don’t think I look poorly presented, but maybe not so done up as some others. Sometimes I do put in the effort, but I would rather catch my zzzzz’s.


Starting slowly

I have read through all of Quarter of an Acre and Little Eco Footprints blogs.

Why? Like a lot of people, I’m trying all I can to learn about living more self sufficiently.

I set a very few small tasks for myself today. First was to make a worm farm, and second to plant a couple of things.

Off to the garden centre we went. Unfortunately they were out of worms (and also playing some unfortunate music). We got a small coriander plant, potting mix and Seasol and got the hell out of there!

I was running around like a mad woman at home (all for the fun!), finding boxes for my worm farm.
Honestly, I haven’t had much to do with our garden. OH had started off the compost heap, so I used that and found some newspaper lying around. We didn’t quite have the 1000 worms, but OH and I digged around the heap to find around 40. I’m looking forward to adding to this with our kitchen scraps.

I also managed to plant the coriander in a spare pot and put a few rocket seeds in another foam box.

The coriander looks a bit flat and we’ll have to wait 10-14 days for the rocket, so fingers crossed!